Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small Successes

It's been a while since I've done this, but we've been battling a really bad cold--maybe the flu--and my immune system is not the only thing that's taken a beating. This seems like a necessary idea today. So here's the "viral" version of Small Successes:

Not only did I get the Netflix Instant Play to work after 4+ months of inexplicable not-working, but I also got to count it as school: we went on a marathon of Sesame Street (reading skills), Liberty's Kids and ancient Greece programs (history), and Dirty Jobs (science?)


I pretty much kept everybody fed, clothed, hydrated, and medicated. I was very foggy for a good bit of the time, and dragging much of the rest, and I would not count this as a success. One night it took me a whole hour to get dinner from the kitchen to the plates on the table. But my husband told me today that as tough as it's been being sick all week, I made it easier on him. I almost cried.


As everybody recovers and starts getting cabin fever, they don't exactly want to use their newfound energy doing chores, however dire the need! So I set them to matching socks, and told them they could have the holey ones. They stuffed the toes with paper and tied them off, and thus made "sock balls," aka throwers, slingshots, and--ahem--nunchuks. They're entertained, nobody gets (too) hurt, and I have some matched socks to put in everyone's dressers. Yea!

What are your Small Successes?


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JJ's Mom said...

I think #3 is my favorite. I often say that parenting skills sometimes require some bribery skills. Hope everyone gets to feeling better quickly!


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