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To Mary, on the Day of your Fiat

You must have had no idea what you were getting into.

Well, I'm sure you had an idea. I'm sure you knew, in your time, in that place, about repressive regime and religious persecution. You knew the penalties for a woman guilty of what you would appear to be guilty of. But you also knew the promises of God.

And while you were blessedly inexperienced in that pain of working against yourself which is sin—the estrangement of Life and Love itself—you were not ignorant of the costs of sin to the world, and everyone in it. You knew you needed a savior. You knew we all needed a savior, and you were overjoyed to play your part in His entrance into man's world.

But you could not have known what you were getting into.

You probably knew being a mother has its drawbacks. Life was gruelingly hard back then, and people knew, perhaps better than today, that to love means to have your heart hurt. But you could not know, before that day, the feeling of a heart pierced. Nobody could kn…

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