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A Fasting-and-Alms Idea

So I've wanted to do this for a while.  I know my blog is quiet (to understate the matter), I don't have some huge following on Twitter or Instagram, and that's really ok; but I think this is a good idea and I really want, if I do this publicly, to get some people to participate. So I'm throwing it out there, because tomorrow is the beginning of Lent, and I read this thread:

So as someone who's covered monthy food budgets with food stamps let me break a few things down for you b/c a lot of people haven't — please bread, no (@hugwins) February 13, 2018 (Here's the link to the first tweet in the thread—I don't know how this embedding thing works, and I want you to be able to go to the whole thing.)

For a while now I've been a bit allergic to politics, but I have the ability and the duty to do something local. Food drives are a pretty common way to try and address the crisis of hunger locally, but sometimes people need to be re…

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