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Is it too early to think about your One Word for 2020?

It's Advent, the start of the new liturgical year! And time to think about next calendar year, which is what I normally do and then wait way too late to do something about it. I also have a whole month left to assess how I've done with this year's plans and resolutions—and make good a little before it's time to try again with the new ones. 😏

Last year I chose a word for the year to guide me in a more intentional way of living. It's not the first time I've done that, but that time around I ended up having two words. One of them was a word I happened to choose after thinking and praying about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become this year. It came to me like an image coming into focus before my eyes, and I thought to myself, "This. This is a call." The other word came from Jen Fulwiler's Word of the Year Generator, which I think was new last year, and in any case I couldn't resist jumping on the bandwagon and when it tossed up its wo…

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