Thursday, March 24, 2011

And Baby Makes Eleven

My husband and I, for various reasons, like to keep this kind of happy news to ourselves for so long that I feel a little foolish once we finally make the announcement...
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...but will you please send a prayer our way as we prepare for our newest little family member?

I would have loved to share weeks earlier, when some of my favorite people to read online were announcing their own pregnancies (and I'm missing people; who am I missing?), but I was waiting to share with family members first, then for an ultrasound which still hasn't happened, and I'm not sure now that it will.* But in the past few days I have the unmistakeable sensations of this little one dancing around inside me, and I just had to officially acknowledge--yes, we're having another baby! I'll, of course, be talking about it in the next few months (I've already made a few vague allusions to it), and it doesn't make sense to me to just slip it in sideways.

Baby #9 is due at the end of July. July is our month for birthdays--we have four then already. But if history is any indication, I'll go a little over and we'll have our first August baby.

St. Anne and St. Gerard Majella, pray for us!

*For, again, a variety of very personal reasons, we are planning right now to have an unassisted pregnancy and childbirth. Hey, it wouldn't be the first--or even the second--time I've delivered with only my husband in the room!

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