Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Takes: DVDs for Creativity

Long overdue, here is my list of the Christmas DVDs that got us through the bleak days of winter and are still requested now. Briefly, because it is a beautiful day and we're going outside.

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1. The Art of Crochet 4 Kids is a cute video with cartoon alpaca siblings and a young boy teaching kids the basics and some tricks of crochet. I'm going to sit down with mine one day and learn this stuff.

2. Kung Fu for Kids: H/T Danielle Bean, who was absolutely right about it being a great way to burn off kid energy.

3. Beginning Watercolor Journaling. I heard about this one from Kimberlee at Pondered in My Heart. We are absolute beginners with watercolors, but my girls especially love this one. Another one for me to join them for.

4. The Art Of Drawing for Kids (also image source) may actually be (along with the watercolor one) my favorite. We've only used it once (it was lost for a while), but the drawings the children made were so interesting, and so varied even with them following the same instructions.

5. Rainy Day Art. I have sworn off craft stores until I have depleted some of the supplies we currently have; but it's been hard, because I promised a certain persistent five-year-old with the memory of an elephant and the petitioning abilities of a saint that the supply list for some of these projects would make up our next trip.

6. Crazy Crafts: Jungle Animals. Part of a series of DVDs that is, I think, in some incarnation called "Crazy Quilts"--that's what the hosts call their show in the video, and that's what my four-year-old is always saying he wants to watch.

7. Signing Time Volume 8: The Great Outdoors. I love this series. End of story.

What are your Quick Takes?

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