Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pretty Happy Funny Real

Look what we did last weekend!


I was to be in Atlanta for a wedding, so we took the opportunity to make a trip we've been meaning to take for months. We went to the Georgia Aquarium.

Funny (sort of) 

Just driving into Atlanta made me think about five other things right off the top that I wanted to bring the family in to do. Including the Aquarium again. (Heh.)


Matching striped shirts for the boys to relieve parental anxiety about crowds. We were going to do something similar for the girls. It didn't work out exactly but we rolled with it in a matching color scheme at least.

Also, we had tickets to the dolphin show, but when we got to the point, no strollers were allowed into the area, and we couldn't leave them behind--they were the centerpiece of our grouping strategy.


Rapt faces and lots of "Whoa!" were the order of the day.

There were six exhibit areas; I didn't catch the names of them. I think the most striking one was the first we came upon, with its walking tunnel through the tank and the large glass windows into the sight of so many specimens--including the whale shark.

I loved hearing the kids' awe. I think maybe an informal unit of marine biology might be in order...

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