Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching up!

Yes, I missed last week. I've been busy writing! My word count target for today is 19,000, and my total is.....


I've found that I'm more word-prolific when I use a pen and paper, but then I have either to count the words manually or type into something with a word count feature. Not a huge deal, especially as I end up typing it anyway (didn't I say that before?) But it does slow me down a little, and as I was behind already it got a little irksome. Oh well.

I think I've decided on my next ROW80 goals. Is anyone else already thinking ahead to the next round?

(Update: Forgot to add---See other ROWers here)


Eden Mabee said...

What a great word count! Congrats.

Like you, I've found I'm more prolific when I am writing with pen and paper, but the retyping (and the inability to just post something and "show it" during challenges and the like...) Sometimes I feel I should learn how to better compose on the computer.

But I guess that's self-defeating in its own way. Writing shouldn't be about the "easy way" but the way that works best and reads best.

Sounds like you've made that distinction already. Thanks for the extra nudge. =)

The Daring Novelist said...

I used to use pen and paper all the time, but I ended up with a backlog of little slips of paper to type into the computer, so I started using my old netbook more.

I'm thinking of going back to paper again, though. I think it depends on the project and what stage I'm at, as to whether it's a good idea or not.

As for looking ahead: always looking ahead. This round has been transitional, though, and so I'm sort of keeping one eye on the far future, and one on just this week, because who knows what I'll be doing next week?


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