Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another ROW80 post

Yes, I missed another check-in last week. It was an accident. I'd been waiting until I meet Wednesday's word count to post for Wednesday's chck-in, and given that I frequently take all day to meet the count or just get to writing at all, my posts were coming late in the day or not at all. I finally came up with the no-brainer solution of just posting up to Tuesday's target and word count on Wednesday morning. My total cumulative word count for the round is 25,504. My target is 25,500. Not bad in my book.

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Eden Mabee said...

Not bad at all. Did you know you can also join that special little "elite crew we've made who posts their check-ins late? (yes, yes...because we've acquired bad habits... Shh! don't tell anyone!)

Then you can post your complete word count for Wednesday right along with us and no fudging. =)


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