Friday, April 13, 2012

Rolled Into One: {phfr} Quick Takes

round button chicken

1 {Pretty}

Little girls with flowers are a perennial favorite.

2 {Pretty}

Also, pretty babies out of doors. Playing a baby recorder.

3 {Happy}

We went strawberry picking yesterday. It was a cold morning; the fields have been busy and the rows somewhat picked over, but we still got plenty.

4 {Happy}

The two littlest Easter egg hunters.

He would holler "EGG! Eggeggeggeggegg!" upon seeing any brightly colored object twenty feet away.

She would call, "My egg! My egg!" upon seeing it, retrieving it, if it fell out of her basket, if she suspected someone would steal it, and other related occurrences.

Her first hunt

5 {Funny}

I'm not going to post the good pictures, but here is my baby boy, swinging free, if you'll excuse the expression. Doesn't the innocence and utter lack of self-consciousness of a three-year-old on a warm spring day make your heart just bubble with joy?

6 {Real}

The kids found a dead bird on the ground while playing outside. I think, based on its coloring, it was a female hairy woodpecker. We don't really know what happened to it. I have told them before not to touch dead animals (yes, we've encountered others) but they just couldn't leave the poor thing neglected, so they constructed a grave around it. I heard them making plans for the funeral: "I already said a prayer for it." "Let's make a cross to put on top."

7 {Real}

They never all look at the same time. (This one was close.)

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