Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick n Dirty ROW80 Update

Haven't counted my words today yet, and not done, so I'll go with yesterday's count and target for check-in:

Word count to date: 10,294
Target to date: 11,500

I'm 1206 words behind, which is actually a net gain from last week when I was 1604 words behind; and I'm pretty sure I'm catching up some more tonight. Five hundred words a day is alternately easier and harder than I thought it would be. I'm already thinking about goals for the next round: fewer words, but more to a purpose.

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Jayrod Garrett said...

I love word count goals. They are very simple and they show us our progress very quickly. Keep up the awesome work. A thousand words behind isn't that much and if you spend a few hours you'll be caught up in no time. Great job!


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