Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on Mary Grace

Last week I mentioned a prayer request for Mary Grace, born premature. Here is a website her family has put together to keep people posted on her progress. The first entry gives the history of her situation so far, and I'll point you to that entry first since it often helps me to have some a specific idea of what I am praying for. We had a preemie too, and my heart just goes out to them:
More tests are ordered to figure out why she would have a clot so we know how to respond. Our doctor says that It appears from this MRI that the clot is getting bigger and the neurosurgeon has suggested starting her on an anti clotting drug. Her seizures have escalated and they also have to increase her anti seizure medication. This is such an unexpected blow….totally took the wind out of my sails. Dr Rodriguez had warned us that we are going to be doing a weird sort of dance for a while as we figure out the seizures….step back, back, back, jump way ahead, take two steps back….

What an exhausting trial for a mother's heart--for the whole family. I pray as much for them as for this dear baby. Fortunately, God seems to be working toward healing in her life--recent posts mark some improvements; and Elizabeth (Mary Grace's mom) told me how awesome it is to know so many people are praying. Could you keep them in your prayers?

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