Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Takes Friday--the YouTube Music Edition

It's funny how musical tastes are passed through generations.


I spent summers growing up listening to my Italian grandmother sing things like this as she worked around the house:


This is from a collection of songs about Texas that my mom would plug into the car's tape deck (!) as we ran around town running errands.


My dad would play Best Hits from this group, usually on long trips:


All of these songs are now on my daughter's iPod. She actually bought "Tijuana Jail" for herself.


My dad is also responsible for my other daughter's favorite song, which for some reason cracks me up:


This, of course, is a recent multigenerational pleaser. I showed the kids this video and the little boys especially loved it.


And sometimes it goes the other way. The kids found it--don't ask me how. And don't think less of me, but sometimes I will put it on the playlist (audio only!) for doing housework. It's just so jiggly-bop!

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