Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mary's Birthday Party Mix

I put together this snack mix a few months ago and it was totally addicting. I just bought the stuff to make more, and it occurred to me that this could be a good little addition to a Marian feast: the berries symbolize her fruitfulness, the white chips her sinlessness, the honey roasted peanuts--well, honey has many connotations for the Christian faith, including the virginity of Mary, virtue and the sweetness of God's love. So now I call it Mary's Birthday Mix.

I have never actually quantified the ingredients; I just mixed it up in a little canister by eyeing the layers and shaking it up. Here's an estimate: you might want to play with it a little.

5 oz (about 1 c) dried mixed berries
3 oz (about 1/2 c) dried blueberries
1 1/2 c honey roasted peanuts
1 c white chocolate chips

Mix and enjoy!

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