Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mystery Berry Smoothie

1. In a freezer bag, save the half-melted popsicles nobody put away from the grocery store because you can't bear to throw away a brand new, full, family-sized box of Edy's Fruit Bars. Forget what flavors were in the box.

2. A few months later, pull them out, along with the big, about-to-expire container of yogurt you bought for a purpose you can't now remember. Vanilla is best but plain will do. Put about a cup into the blender.

3. Add three or four misshapen popsicles that look like they're about the same color. Or mix and match if you want to. Get wild.

Don't forget to remove the sticks. You may need to let the stuff melt a wee bit first.

4. Hit "blend," pour into a fancy glass, and enjoy! If it's one of those days, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for what a good steward of your family's resources you are.

Isn't that a pretty color?

1 comment:

Lisa Novack said...

Love it!!


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