Friday, August 20, 2010

Associative Quick Takes

1. This is my first Quick Takes. Yesterday was my first Small Successes. I am just getting started on this blog. I am, you could say, excited. Won't you say hello?


2. Speaking of getting started, I mentioned that I started swimming again. I love swimming. This week I had one person compliment my dolphin kick and another ask if I swam competitively and did I have any pointers. I am proud of myself. Which means that next week I will be tired and burnt out and want to quit, unless I can figure out a good balance between pace and push. All I really wanted was to start getting back in shape. How sad is it that I already see a wall? I reject you, wall. I will turn away from you with a kick from the balls of my feet. Ah, turns...


3. Speaking of swimming, thanks to one glorious high school swimming season and a little wash tip from the inimitable Danielle Bean, I love the smell of bleach in my laundry room. Which is fortunate, since I need to go do some laundry.


4. Speaking of smells, I have officially jumped on the Mrs. Meyers bandwagon. The only scent I have tried is Basil, and I love it. People have talked about how Mrs. Meyers makes cleaning easier because they love to use the stuff, but I thought I was beyond help. And so help me, it could be just another fad for me. But I have high hopes.


5. Speaking of bandwagons (or maybe it's being beyond help), I've signed up and unsubscribed to FlyLady three separate times. On one hand, I learned a lot each time. I've internalized a lot of her methods for dealing with clutter and I frequently visit her web site to mine for situation-specific information. One the other hand, (even though I really do get why she does this,) does anyone else feel crippled by her no-whining policy? I mean, when you're laboring you've gotta yell a little, right?


6. Speaking of clutter, I remember a challenge a couple of years back when people posted before-and-after pictures of the cluttered parts of their houses that they cleaned up in so many days. Anyone remember that? It might have been even longer. I'd like to see that done again. A little embarrassment is just what I need to clear some clutter up. Maybe that will be next week's Quick Takes.


7. See how I did that? Go me with the full circle.


Claire said...

Hi Nicole, I found you from Jen at Conversion Diary. It's nice to meet you.

Congratulations on the blog and on going back to swimming. I can barely swim a stroke, and greatly admire those who can actually "swim" in the water. ;o) I do need to stick to a gym routine though

I LOVE Flylady, but if you saw the state of my house you would know that I too have ignored her advice for a few years. She is on Facebook and people do share before and after pics there. I'm not really sure that I can share some of my before pics since they could scare someone into an on the spot heart attack. In exactly 2 weeks I am leaving work and I plan to dedicate myself to working the "sloth" out of my list of sins. ;o)

Anyhow, I have rejoined and if you would like to be my "whine" buddy while I straighten this mess out, I'll be happy to whine back at you...and share accomplishments too.

I really should do a "Quick Takes" also. Have a wonderful day.

Nicole said...

Thanks, Claire! I should take a look at the Facebook page. I would have posted a picture of my desk to get my rehab-by-shame started if I had been able to find my camera when I posted. Check back in for more. I always wanted a "whine" buddy when I went through this process before!

doughraisingmom said...

Nicole, wow, with eight boys in my family, you can just imagine what the Fly Lady would say here. I have not had the courage to join her so far, but maybe I will have to accept a challenge and do it. The problem as I see it is I would have to convince the boys to join too, or not. Maybe I will just keep my bleach bottle handy, LOL. On a serious note, I too want to offer congrats on your swimming ability. I don't swim, but I admire people who do. As for me, I just put one foot in front of the other and walk, that does not take any talent. Great blog, I will check back. Grace


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