Thursday, August 5, 2010

Catholic Prayer Blog Tag

Riding on the coattails of Waltzing Matilda, the Anchoress, and Danielle Bean, I'm entering the meme world with my first such post. I thought it would be hard to decide on five favorites, because there are so many beautiful devotions available to us in the Catholic tradition. I did, in fact, come up with a superfluous list of prayers I love for this or that reason, and could keep adding to it if I tried; but when it comes to the prayers I know and love and pray often, these were the clear winners:

1) Prayer to St. Joseph. I memorized this one in grade school and pray it for my husband and our family all the time.

2) Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. Another heavy hitter on whom I lean heavily.

3) The Rosary/Divine Mercy Chaplet. Is it cheating to count those two as one? Hey, I'm not the only one! If I have the leisure to offer up an intention in prayer throughout a whole day, I start a Rosary. If I'm anxious, the Mercy Chaplet is my "express mail." Both are so powerful, how can I lose?

4) The Anima Christi. What a gorgeous appeal to our Lord.

5) Devotion to the Holy Souls of Purgatory. It is so gratifying to ease their suffering, and comforting to know that they will remember us in heaven.

I still feel a bit new to be tagging anyone in particular, so if you read this, have at it!

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