Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meet This Sister

I just found this via Facebook about an old friend today.
I was a romantic child and I still am! I still love fairy tales. As a teenager I would spend lots of time daydreaming about the prince that would sweep me off my feet; this future man that would complete me. Little did I know that He was already standing right there beside me. He had already pitched his tent on the surface of my heart waiting there until I invited him to pour Himself into me. I had no clue then that the strong masculine heart I longed to lean upon was Himself; His Sacred Heart burning ferociously with love for me.
Sr Therese Marie Iglesias and I both experienced the blessings of the then-nascent campus ministry of the Brotherhood of Hope at FSU. She went on to answer a call to religious life with the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother. Her story is beautiful! She also has given several talks; four, about intimacy in prayer for women, are available online, and you can bet I will be listening to them.

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