Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy St. Nick's Day!

I almost forgot, but I can't let this day go by without giving a shout out to St. Nicholas—it's my unofficial name day! (I should probably just drop the "unofficial," too—I doubt it matters that St. Nicholas was not the direct inspiration for my name.)

Did you do anything for today? My kids left their shoes out last night (they put Jason's and mine out, too). Chocolate gold coins shouldn't be hard to find, but St. Nicholas' namesake helper had trouble finding them, so the kids all got chocolate Santas in their shoes. The baby girls each got their own "tiny, cute" Santa, but Cora ate hers and Anwen's too. There were enough tiny, cute ones for mom and dad to get one each, too.

And. I shouldn't laugh at this. But I do. Can't help it.

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