Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just a note to say...

... we are expecting our 10th baby! He or she will make a first appearance in the spring. One of the good things about the Catholic blogosphere is that you're sure to be able to find someone who is pregnant at the same time with you. (E.g., for a short time, my friend Krystin, even if nobody but I knew it. Here's her new baby, "Poppy," if you want to say congratulations.) And now we know that Princess Kate is expecting, God bless her—our baby will be born (probably) a month or two before the likely future king or queen of England, so, fun!

Every pregnancy has its challenges, and I anticipate that as a "(great) grand multigravida of advanced maternal age," I'll have my days. I'd welcome any prayers you throw my way. We can hardly wait to meet this little one!

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