Friday, June 22, 2012

An observation for the Feast of St. Thomas More

I noticed a little something the other day. St. Thomas More is, of course, a great patron saint of politics no matter what is at issue. But think about what he faced back in his day--a crisis about the identity of the Church, with the question of the nature of marriage at its heart. Sir Thomas More was a prominent statesman and friend of King Henry VIII, until Henry decided to take onto himself the headship of the Church in his country and divorce his wife. Quietly More withdrew from his favored place in society and government, saying nothing publicly against the king's move but also doing nothing that would violate his conscience. Basically, Henry said, "Tolerance is not enough. You MUST approve."

So, two things. from this. One: Remaining prudently silent in the face of the government-religion-marriage collision course in order to protect yourself and your family does not necessarily make you less holy or saintly.

Two: Remaining prudently silent won't necessarily keep you from being a martyr.

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