Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I'm feeling very affable toward Happy Catholic right now, although many of you are already aware of this wonderful blog. I just won a copy of Living the Call by Michael Novak and William E. Simon. I hope to read and post about it soon, along with another book I read that's overdue for a review.

Update: I've been called out. Well, I'm an incorrigible procrastinator. I was trying to decide which of Julie's regular types of posts to tell her I like best, and I couldn't decide--which incidentally reminds me to tell you that I voted for her in "Best Potpouri of Popery" of the Cannonball Catholic Blog anti-Awards, and you can too--or whoever you feel deserves it. I wasn't influenced by my new book. :-) But I think I decided--yes, it's her book reviews.

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