Friday, September 16, 2011

Declutter Day 5: Let Go of the Guilt

Yesterday was about asking some questions and making decisions about whether all this stuff has a place in your life. I know decisions can be hard. Actually, they're easy--you just don't always like to make them, if you make them honestly. Truth? I probably am not going to ever make enough candles to justify the stash of wax I possess.

But as you ask yourself the same questions over and over, it gets easier to see what you should keep and what you don't need to--sometimes shouldn't--keep. You accept that you can let go of things that you once had something invested in. Maybe it was money, or maybe it was some ideal. Throwing out--or even donating--something that has this sort of claim on your ownership may feel like a waste. But if you have ascertained that it's something you don't want or love, then the truth is that you are investing in something more valuable. Order. Peace of mind. Simplicity.

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