Thursday, April 21, 2011

Small Successes


Hmm. The week flew by, didn't it? I did accomplish something!

1) I started a major de-dusting of my bedroom yesterday. It is embarrassing how badly it needed it. Drapes, baseboards, floors (including underneath the bed and other furniture). Completion is scheduled for tomorrow but I may have to put that off until next week in favor of more pressing chores, making ready for guests. Still, I feel a difference even if I can't see it, and my husband says he can see it, and he's the one who counts!

2) Okay, in the spirit of humility, I am not going to spell out what it was, but I was able to complete a little project I started at the beginning of Lent without missing a single scheduled "checkpoint" (there were six), including the time we were sick.

3) These are Luke's tomato sprouts and Jude's bean sprouts. They are so proud of them.

And I have sunflower sprouts in the garden, we have real strawberries now (though the wild rabbits are feasting on them), we have some corn planted, and more seeds started on the back porch. It's a little late in our area for much of this, but not too late--certainly not June, which is when we started our first year gardening!


Karen said...

The tomato and bean sprouts look great. I planted seeds about 7 weeks ago and they failed miserably.

Have a great Easter!

munchesmom said...

For some reason, our bedroom is always the last to be dusted (& of course, it's the one room that should get done most often w/ our allergies! Great job on the sprouts! I haven't even begun to think about our garden yet.

munchesmom said...

To answer your questions on my blog...the book was "When the Morning Comes" by Cindy Woodsmall. It is the 2nd in a GREAT trilogy that takes place in Amish Pennsylvania & Ohio. As to my reading it in one day, I work as a receptionist on Saturdays at a nursing home & because it's not usually busy, I'm able to read quite a bit.


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