Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real--4/21/11



Our roses in the back yard are huge and loaded with blooms. Jason planted them when we moved in because he thought I would like a rose garden. He was right. This variety is a common landscaping rose, known for its ease of care. These are gorgeous, and I love just to sit there and look at them, after I have done no more than an early spring pruning.


But this is the one that makes me really happy: my "Guadalupe rose." It's got these two beautiful shades of pink. On top the petals get lighter, almost to white, as they age, while the underside remains a deep pink. My red roses are showy and generous, but they can't match this one for scent. It has a sweet, slightly spicy fragrance. My daughter, who has a special connection with Our Lady of Guadalupe, told me today that this is her favorite rose scent, and I totally get it. There are probably more fragrant varieties--I'm not a rose expert, but that's exactly why I love this rose. I've never had any trouble with it. It always blooms for months, usually into December, so that I can have at least one pink rose for the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


The kids were watching the eagle cam for a while, and when they told me today that they made an eyrie (when we were in the middle of preparatory chores, Easter coming and all), I confess I didn't think much about it. I found it at bedtime. A nest for the little ones. You can't see very well all the blankets "lining" it for them to cuddle up under. Look at those faces--snug and sound, and positively gleeful. :-)


Here's me, sort of. My only-five-and-a-half-months pregnant belly, and a sleepy Cora sitting alongside.


Mama Hen said...

I say all the time I don't know why we buy children toys. They play best with boxes and blankets. Too cute.

Holly @ Three Sided Wheel said...

How sweet!

Aimee said...

Love the belly and baby shot. :)
I've got those two things going on myself!

Lisa said...

Lovely photos!! I especially like the little image on the right of the Madonna & Child statue.

Miri said...

Precious! I love the belly and baby picture too. It almost made me cry. And my baby is only 9 months old ;).

Kayleen said...

I think the eagle cam is amazing! I just love watching mama (and daddy) taking good care of their babies (who are growing so fast!) They are wonderful parents! It's neat you are sharing with your kids...I bet they love it and what an educational tool!

Love the title of your blog by the way!

Mary said...

Your roses are stunning!! Especially the Guadalupe one. So pretty. Almost as pretty as your lovely pregnant belly and sweet little one. I pray the remainder of your pregnancy goes well.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are wonderful!

The roses sound lovely. Love the picture of the baby belly and sister :)

Anonymous said...

Love the roses! I can't wait to plant a rose garden when we buy a house.


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