Monday, January 17, 2011

Revisiting a Nature Art Project

I recently checked in at Art Projects for Kids, a favorite kid-art site. Seeingthis entry made me happy. Now, I collect projects like this to do with my kids, but the truth is that I don't do half of what I mean to do. This project is totally doable (especially in a few months, when we can use flowers from our own garden). I know, because we've already done it!

I suppose I shouldn't boast about having this one under my belt already, because it was really almost all my girls' initiative. A few years ago, (I'm pretty sure this is how it played out,) I saw a blog, which I would credit if I could remember whose it was, whose kids had done pretty little nature pictures. I showed the pictures to my kids; I completely intended to do the same with them in a few days. But the girls collected their goods outside and ran with it then and there.

I've got some other little ones old enough now to try this, and I'm sure the girls would love to do it again. I can't wait until spring!

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