Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Some Thoughts for Ash Wednesday

Life always seems to be full to the brim with nine kids running around, even if it's full of the same crazy shenanigans everyday. (What's that joke about that crazy habit kids have of needing to be fed several times a day?) Before I let another momentous day go by, I thought I'd check in with some hurried thoughts.

Goodbye, Papa

I can't go without mentioning the astounding news of Pope Benedict's renunciation of the Petrine ministry, effective at the end of the month. Like many others, I thought someone was pulling my leg when I first heard the news. Perhaps I'll go more into my own thoughts on the occasion when I have more time. Right now, I'll direct you to the Anchoress, who has to my knowledge the best round ups of links about the papal announcement.

What Are You Giving Up?

I only half-resolved on anything for the new year. (More on that in a minute.) Lent is clearer to me. I'm giving up the Internet.

Not entirely. I depend on it too much on a day-to-day basis to do that just yet. I'm always surprised by how much even some of the most mundane things are somehow reliant on an Internet connection. But I'm plugged in way more than I need to be—than is good for me—and I feel the need to fast. I've set some parameters that limit and direct my Internet use to one hour a day, max. I doubt you'll see less of me, though, given my sporadic posting routine so far. In fact, since I may have more time to actually write, you may even see more of me.

Unless you're doing an Internet fast too.

Another Resolution

A month and a half into 2013, I finally have my thing. Oh, I chose a word, and then never did anything about it. (Publicly, I mean. It's still been a source of personal inspiration.) I had lots of ideas, but that in itself seemed a bad sign. Last year I made twelve resolutions, one for each month. I worked on them all, but actually checked off as done... not one.

This year I couldn't decide what was important enough, inspiring enough, and possible enough to raise to the status of a resolution. This afternoon it hit me while I was making some bread for dinner. I'm going to try at least 40 new bread recipes.

And now you will laugh.

But it's really quite inspired for me. It requires forethought, planning, and creativity—all things I need and crave. It's budget-minded. It's loads more doable than 365 days of crockpot dinners (which I would love to do, by the way). I'm using a bread machine (which came with lots of great recipes) so it's kid-friendly, beginner friendly, and quasi-educational (because I am not a baker). And there's even a spiritual component to mine.

French bread loaves

Have you made your Lenten resolutions? What are your thoughts this Ash Wednesday?

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