Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shining a light

In the bustle of life, we did not get to the church for Candlemas this morning. I am always sad to miss it, but the truth is that I miss it more often than not in this season of raising little ones. I had this consolation, though—Neal Obstat's spotlight on the Brotherhood of Hope.
I will not attempt to do any justice to their life and charism, their mission and history. I simply wish to say that this — never in my life have I encountered a religious community that contained men of such high caliber. They are thoroughly real flesh and blood men, overflowing with gifts and talents, who love Jesus in a most manly way; who love others in a most remarkably Jesus way; who pray like the ancients but are savvy to all things contemporary; who live their fraternity in a way that raises up the dignity of family life; who honor women in a way few men bother to any more; who manifest the truth that true diversity deepens unity and that true unity is the most effective means of evangelization.
I'm always glad to see a shout-out for the campus ministers who guided me into a more genuine faith and equipped me for its continuing maturation.

God bless you, brothers!

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