Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny Real

round button chicken

Dropping in for a quick pic share. They're from last week; forgive me for trailing a bit.


The hickories in November



Roses in November, and kids who bring me the blooms



I've discovered a way to get my kids to eat a vegetable besides corn and raw carrots... pumpkin cake, made from two ingredients: canned pumpkin and cake mix. My sons asked if we could make this a habit.

Thank you, Pinterest.



We went to the All Souls Day Mass at our parish. It was beautiful, but we had to leave at what might have been the most awkward moment; Cora was in rare form that night, and there were a couple of other issues. Our parish had a photographer for the occasion; in the last of the shots at that link, the only person facing the camera (besides the priest) is my baby boy. This one's better, though, isn't it?


Update: To clarify, the picture in that last link is not my daughter; I just thought it was a lovely shot of an interesting moment.


justamouse said...

lol! I have to say, the Abbot of our close monastery paid us a visit and his homily was on coming to Christ like a child, and he gave an example of a little girl, running around the front during one of his mass'. So, I know he would totally approve of your daughter. ;-)

Awesome picts.

Nicole Stallworth said...

Actually, that's not my daughter. She was sitting a few pews ahead of us, and the photographer caught that perfect shot from the back of the church. I didn't see her doing this, though--I was wrestling my own bunch and hardly saw anything beyond a 3-foot radius around me! She's sure cute, though.

And I'm so grateful for priests like the Abbot you mentioned. It really helps to hear repeated that our whole family is welcome at Mass. Sometimes people make a point of saying that caring for little ones is a valid excuse to miss Mass; but what a beleaguered parent often hears from that comment (if left at that) is, "We don't want you here; why bother trying?"

*kate said...

Your funny is cracking me up - that jack o' lantern looks ready to devour the cake :)

Lisa said...

Oh, your roses - gorgeous! You and Rosie with your November roses - I'm envious.

Jessica Seinfeld has a cookbook called "Deceptively Delicious" in which she advises how to sneak good food into your recipes so your kids don't know. Check it out!


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