Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---

I'm trying Jen's Quick Takes template. Maybe it will help me join in a little more often! I think I might actually try to keep a few of these for the other regular link-ups I have participated in. I'm no web wizard, but I think I have tampered with enough HTML to make something work. For {phfr}, for example.

--- 2 ---

Give it up for my kids at this year's fair!

They are already planning for next year.

--- 3 ---

Inspired by our successes at the fair, the cold weather, and the desire to return to a more self-sufficient lifestyle, we are BAKING. Caleb and I made a rosemary bread in the bread machine yesterday, and we tried a honey wheat sandwich loaf that I will have to tweak, but hey--we like it enough to finish the loaf. I made my first pie of the season, an apple pie which Jason loved but was way too soupy. I think I used too much liquids AND sliced the apples too thin. Anybody out there have any other ideas about what can make a pie filling runny? Care to way in and help a housewife out?

--- 4 ---

I never posted about my first essay into making pie, did I? It's been sitting in my drafts for years. Seriously.

I'll post it later today. Consider it Quick Take #4.

--- 5 ---

Which brings the total number of promised posts that I have yet to make good on up to eight, I think. I have 50 drafts in my dashboard, not including the rosary fine art posts (those are scheduled). That's not crazy, is it?

--- 6 ---

I got this link and this link at Pinterest. (Are you there? Look me up!) I haven't really explored them yet--just skimmed them-- but they look great. I've been looking for a way to do a nature table that's compatible with all of the little ones we have around, and the kids are having a ball finding new treasures in the glorious, newly nippy weather we're having. These links look ridiculously fun.

--- 7 ---

What I'm living by today and for days to come:

To rectify. A little each day.--This must be your constant concern if you really want to become a saint.

--St. Josemaría Escríva,
The Way

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