Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been seeing this sort of thing around (great list). Elizabeth Scalia says everything I'd like to say.
Socialism does not work, but one of the reasons socialist movements succeed is because capitalists and the free market fall prey to that all-too-human failing: yeah, greed.

Those who support capitalism and free markets have a responsibility to demand that manufacturers and suppliers do the right thing. In a case such as this — where a multi-billion dollar industry is based on something human beings want, but do not really need — it should not be nearly enough to simply get the child-workers out of these forests. The U.S. chocolate industry can afford to pay adult workers a living wage and — here’s an idea — help subsidize the creation of a water system for the villages that exist to harvest their cocoa beans.

I mean…a little running water?

We already had some chocolate in the house--we've been using chocolate almost medicinally around here (wink)--but I can't eat it now without thinking about the children. I have already had to swear off Nestlé. I mean, this isn't vaccinations here, just a little endorphin kick... Sure, it's not dead children's tissue in our medicine and food tests. Just a little child labor. Right?

As Ms. Scalia says, we should be able to do better than this.

Read the rest of the piece at The Anchoress, including the update. At least one comment there, and the first link too, give lists of sources for chocolate that do not exploit children for labor.

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