Friday, April 28, 2017

My new book challenge*

So we were going on vacation, and I needed something to read. I didn't want to depend on a lot of library books while traveling; my library reading mojo has slowed up anyway.  Plus, in my housecleaning I've been trying to reclaim all the spaces that clutter keeps invading, and I just noticed, over and over again, this book I got as a gift or that book I couldn't wait to order. In short, I have all of these wonderful books I've accumulated, and what's more, have intentionally collected close in my physical space, that I'm not finishing.

Last year I didn't really do a reading challenge. I thought it would be nice to ease into some this year, and I remembered one of the challenges of the Great Book Challenge Year of 2015 was one about reading books you already own. So I went in search of that challenge again, or a similar one, to make it that much more fun and give me a goal to direct my efforts. And I found this one!

I know we are nigh on a third of the way through the year for the Shelf Love Challenge 2017, but it doesn't even bother me. One of the great things about it is that it has different levels, so I can do as much or as little as I deem fit. And the possibility that I could get an Amazon gift card just for reading books I already own—so much win. (And Julie and Lynn of Chapter Break, if I'm doing this wrong, tell me—you might notice I'm a little cold at this stuff but I'm jumping in with both feet and I'd love to meet you!)

*On book challenges: I know, I know. Stay tuned.

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Julie S said...

Woot welcome!! Glad to have you. Hope it helps you read some of your collection :)


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