Monday, March 10, 2014

An Online Daily Mass Schedule

My Lenten resolutions are nebulous—to do a little fasting and spend more time with the Lord.  But I think that works for me this year—there are many ways to pray, and if I dabble in several of them I'm bound to find that I have in fact shared more of my life and my heart with Him, and I may even form a new habit with the kids.

Here's one option, since I still have squirmy little ones who need some training on behaving in church: Mass online. It's certainly not the same as being there in person, but it has advantages. I can pick a time most convenient, explain or correct as loudly as I need to, even pause (if it's an uploaded version rather than streaming).

Here are a few options, in case you feel similarly inclined. All times are Eastern.

EWTN—8:00 AM (Live)
Catholic TV—9:30 (Live)
Daily Mass (YouTube channel)—about 11:00 AM
EWTN—12:00 PM
The Daily Mass—by 12:00 PM (requires you to submit e-mail)
EWTN—7:00 PM
EWTN—12:00 AM

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