Friday, December 13, 2013

Reading aloud on St Lucia's Day

Apparently, I have lost the will to blog.

First, Part 2 of the home atrium interview was supposed to be the last week. Then I promised it to you for Wednesday. But on Tuesday night Evernote ate it. Evernote never used to do this kind of thing to me, until the last time I updated it on my phone, which is probably not even the most recent update available. Anyway,  I considered just putting up the phone interview in its raw form (at least I still have that), but I just haven't been defeated enough to do that, or motivated enough to redo it. Yet.

Instead, though, here's a nice little surprise from Melissa Wiley. I had Hannah's Christmas on my Christmas wish list of books, after seeing it recommended, and also basically loving all of her Little House books. A week ago, though, after seeing the prices for a used copy, I took it off the list. I just didn't think it was going to happen. But today, voila!

She also posted an introduction to the interview, which you can also get to from her place, Here in the Bonny Glen. She sounds so cute! But while you're here, let me tell you: I added her video to my playlist of children's book read alouds—which is now all of five books long. Now, there are tons of great kids' book videos online, I know it. But after searching and adding the first four, I got overwhelmed thinking about the possibilities. Then I forgot, for a long time, that I even started the playlist.

So, tell me, and maybe leave me a link in the comments: do you have a favorite video of a children's book?

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