Thursday, March 14, 2013

He Leads the World in Prayer

Bergoglio new Pope Francis on balcony profile

Of all the things now being reported about out new pope, it's what I saw myself that is most striking to me.

First he led us in prayer for Benedict XVI. Then he asked for our silent prayers for himself, and bowed his own head and gave us time to do likewise.

Pope Francis leads us in prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be

Maybe it's having had so many small kids, but it reminded me of nothing so much as a father teaching his children how to pray. Those three simple prayers, often the first prayers a child learns, are foundational to a Catholic prayer life. And once we know them, sometimes we must learn, and learn again, simply to pray.

Pope Francis blessing on balcony

There's already been plenty of cyber ink spilled about the new pope—naturally, he are eager to learn more about him. Here are a few of the links I've enjoyed so far.

Here are 10 facts about the pope to get you started. You can read this one for a little more information—like did you know he taught lit and psychology? :-)  And here's a take inspired by Pope Francis's motto: "Lowly but Chosen."  This oldie but goodie at the Catholic Herald is thoughtful and informative. A hat tip for that one goes to Mark Shea, whose continuously updated thoughts on the new pope are (as always) illuminative and delightful.

Pope Francis blessing on balcony profile

 (Please pardon the quality of these pic. The kids insisted on lots of screen shots while we watched a live feed of the announcement and blessing.)

Pope Francis on balcony with cardinals

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