Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's Thursday. Time for some {phfr}

Marc Barnes has said, a few times, something along the lines of "You can never have too much beauty." The second time I read that phrase, I realized that I must differ. I am wholeheartedly in agreement on the great goodness of beauty, how it can lead you to God, teach you about God--is, all on its own, a gift from God. But you can be overwhelmed by beauty, overwhelmed to tears, and say, "Enough!" Think about it--who can see the face of God and live? Just the beauty of my children can knock me off my feet. Even all of those gorgeous blog posts some people put together about life, with glowing pictures and lilting prose, make me turn my head away so that I can get on with my own life.  And of course it is because of our sinful nature. My heart is sometimes so pinched from my own shortcomings that I don't have enough room to let in all of the beauty that God pours out in front of me. And then I must consciously loosen those drawn heartstrings, or have some kind soul unlace them for me, unwrap the beauty and blessings of life so I can breathe it in more freely.

I need beauty. Today I need beauty. That's what {phfr} is all about. So I'm collecting my pictures and my thoughts to reflect the beauty of today, of the days that have brought me here.


That is, Beautiful

The Sacred Heart chapel at my church.


The kids went to a skating party recently. First time skating for most of them. It was as delightful as a vaudville act. I have more pictures, but they're even blurrier. 


My attempt to photograph a rainbow out my window while driving!

I pulled over and got a better one. Can you see it? 

If I had managed to get better pictures, this would have been my "pretty." One evening as I went out for my swim, I drove into and under this rainbow. And on the way home, there in the sky was the blue moon, rising. I wish I could show you just how beautiful it was that night. 


This is a tree cut down by the power company several months ago. I muse upon aging wood and overanalysis here.


And my pretty, happy loud girls keeping it real outside the church one Sunday during Mass.


Check out Like Mother, Like Daughter for more.

round button chicken

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