Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinning It Down--1

From Sarah's guest post at In the Heart of My Home:

I've only been on Pinterest since October, but I love it. My only bone to pick so far is this: it's very easy to get into the habit of pinning a million ideas without actually doing any of them. It's one thing to pin something neat you found online- it's something totally different to step away from the screen and actually make it happen.

Yep, that's me, too. This is a total cheat, because I did it weeks ago, I added the pin to my board just for this link-up, and it's not even strictly the same project. But I wanted to share, and I had to jump on the bandwagon this first time around!

I didn't have a baptismal gown for my daughter when we were supposed to get her baptized, so I had consigned myself to letting her wear her sister's. But then the baptism was rescheduled, and by the time it came around Anwen had outgrown the short, little gown Cora had worn.Two weeks before the new date, I decided I wanted a traditional long gown, but did I have time to order one? Could I find one inexpensively? What about those gowns repurposed from wedding dresses... maybe I... could do that... myself? Yes! I felt daring. I could!

I do not know how to use a sewing machine with any proficiency, something I'm trying to remedy. But I have rudimentary hand-sewing skills, and I had time. I chose a white skirt with a stretched out waist band...

... and I cut it. No going back now. Almost half the skirt became a panel for the main part of the gown.

I chose a romper to help me get the sizing right, but I couldn't be sure of the sleeves or bodice. So I turned to the Web and found this tutorial to help me. I sewed the panel into a tube for the main body of the gown.

And that's when I stopped taking pictures. I was too nervous working on the sleeves and what to do about a neckline. I worked on it sporadically at night and ended up finishing the night before. It was by no means perfect, and I wouldn't want an accomplished sewist examining it...

...but I was so happy with it!


So many great ideas on Pinterest, some of them just perfect for my home/family/school. I need cheerleaders, though. I find it tough justifying the time and mess to create projects. (As if pin-pin-pinning were any better.) Anyone else?

Pinning It Down is going to be fun.

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See you next time!


Sarah said...

Oh this is beautiful! I'm so impressed- I don't think I'd have been that daring, but your results are FABULOUS. :)

Thanks for playing. :)

Jeannine said...

I am seriously impressed! The gown and baby are beautiful.

Nicole Stallworth said...

Sarah and Jeannine,

Thank you so much! That's why I love this Pinning It Down idea--it helps me take more leaps like this!


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