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A Sweet Lesson

October is the month of the Rosary. A few days ago I decided to do a fun activity with the kids to teach them about the Rosary and pray together. I'm many people in my life probably think I’m this uber-Catholic but the truth is that we are not picture-perfect. We all know about the Rosary, and some of us know it well, but it’s tough to pray with kids, especially little kids who don’t already have the habit—thus the rub. Making it fun or rewarding goes a long way in helping them learn to love it (or at least know it). I printed out, on a half page each, copies of a rosary graphic, which illustrated a full set of rosary beads and showed when to say which prayers. Then I counted out pieces of candy for the prayers—mini M&Ms for the Aves, regular ones for the Paters, and one candy corn for the Apostles’ Creed. The pieces and the printout went into zipper sandwich bags, one for each kid present, and I saved some for the ones who weren’t. The idea was to follow along on the diagram,

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